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Jun 15, 2017

This week Benny Mack returns to the show all the way from Auckland New Zealand to co-host this supersized episode of This Month's Dum***s of the Year. Benny has been a very busy man working for MTV but he was able to take time out of his schedule to be on the podcast. In an episode full of firsts, they name two winners of two months on the same show, simulcast the show on Periscope and name a dum***s of the year for the current week! This week's dumb***s is a Florida man accused of making a hoax 911 call for a ride to Hooters. Aprl's dum***ses include a schoolyard prowler who was caught hanging upside down by his pants on a fence and a Texas massage parlor who was busted for prostitution after its plumbing burst from being clogged by thousands of used condoms. May's included an Ohio man who unintentionally married his granddaughter but stayed married after finding out, a drunk man who passed out on a strangers car that was driven 14 miles on the highway before being discovered and a Texas man who brought his girlfriend a bouquet of purple kale thinking it was flowers. 

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