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Nov 30, 2015

On this special episode We Don't Have Cookies invades the airwaves and takes over The Life, recorded live in studio the day before Thanksgiving. Jason sat back and talked to callers as Don Smith manned the phone lines and Keith from the Sea of Madness podcast hung out in the studio off mic. It's a packed show filled with callers and announcements. Mike Canestaro talks about his client Father Time and how his career in management is taking off. Holly calls in, she's now the person who intros the show among other things. Mama Kate discusses breaking her leg, a Chinese woman who was missing for 10 years was found living in an internet café and her comedy style. Rob Haney talks about junk food in Japan, writing a joke for Jay Leno that he regrets and a man who ran himself of with a beer truck that he was trying to steal. Dave Prague calls in. Eric Widing talks about how the opening night went for his movie Primordial. Mark Ofuji does impressions of Sean Connery, Donald Trump, the Clintons, animals and more. Dan Diesel makes a major announcement concerning his show Ohio Is On Fire. Jason announces that Mike O'Connell has given permission to use his music on the podcast and plays his song Totally Crazy. Jason, 42% of the Comedy Snobs podcast, calls in to say hello.

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