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Feb 4, 2019

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This week former Big Brother houseguest Elena Davies returns to the show to talk about the Elena Davies Hate Club, people giving out her phone number, strange interactions with fans and much more. Elena has always wanted a song written about her and Jason makes her dreams come true by playing a song about her that was sent in by listener, John the Songman. Then Benny Mack calls in from Auckland, New Zealand to talk about what the latest him and he answers a question from the last guest, comedian Darren Carter. Frankie MacDonald stops by to talk about the weather for the week. Fran Kissling has a new segment on the show in her effort to make the world a little more Swiss and listener, Chris Doyle, sent in another Fun Fact Factory segment. Then Jason runs down the latest in Neighbor News, gives out some strange days for the week and more.

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