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Sep 8, 2016

This week on The Life, Jason is once again running the show and introducing new members of the podcast as well as talking to the original segment contributor. First up was comedian Natasha Pearl Hansen. They talk about her time with Second City, transitioning into stand up, writing for Men's Health magazine and her upcoming segment for the podcast. ChooChoo Stu joined the show to talk about his segment Totally From U.K. Today, aka Totally F.U.K.T. as well as Cave Crew Radio. Mark Ofuji called in while memorizing his lines while he waited at an audition, now that's dedication to the podcast! He's been with the podcast since the very first episode. He talks about his experience on America's Got Talent, being on Nathan For You, working with Clint Eastwood and Ken Watanabe on the set of Letters From Iwo Jima and more. Tracy Rowland and Dwayne Mailman from Focus Up in Toronto, Ontario called in to talk about there experiences at Second City, starting Focus Up, Dwight Glueman, doing segments for the podcast, an exciting upcoming episode of the podcast and more!

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