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Jul 31, 2017

Jason celebrates the two year anniversary of the podcast! This episode is packed with songs, clips, unaired audio and more from people around the US and 5 other countries. As Jason recaps the year, he starts off by talking with his monthly co-host Benny Mack. He announces some new live streaming content on Periscope and Twitch. There's audio from the pre-show of Marshall Law 2: Mama Kate v. ChooChooStu. Stu and the guys at Cave Crew Radio chime in. There is a battle rap from Epic Rap Battles of History between J.R.R. Tolkien and George R.R. Martin. Jason announces the inclusion of Mike Phirman to the podcast and plays his song Wootstock featuring Chris Hardwick, yes that Chris Hardwick. There are unaired segments by former segment contributors Dave Prague and former Miss Connecticut USA winner turned comedian Kristina Hughes. A quick message from the host of the Fake Advice for New Comics segment and host of the Comedy A-Go-Go podcast, Dave Nelson. An amazing segment from the Angry Old Man podcast. There's a new segment called BS Facts from the host of the BS podcast and the owner of the BS Podcast Network, Australia's own, Beej. Mike Canestaro as Betty Sue does another reverse prank call. Eugene Mirman cancels his Dish Network service. Listeners voicemail lessons. Sam Dealey talks about making the new podcast cover art and doing weekly cartoons for the podcast's Facebook page. Kenny Bolin and Maya talk about their pets. Kenny finds out that Maya is now doing things for the show and storms off. There is a song by Mike O'Connell featuring Dr. Ken from the Hangover series. All of that and much more!

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