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Jun 13, 2016

We Don't Have Cookies invaded The Life once again, this time it was for Jason's birthday! Drama, last minute cancellations and audio issues led Jason and to wonder if the show was cursed. The lead guest cancelled last minute which led to them stumbling through for a little bit (just skip ahead until the 5 minute mark to miss the poor audio and rambling) until Mike Morris joined the show to read a eulogy for Jason. A new sponsor was announced for the podcast, Black Rifle Coffee Co, they are owned and operated by Special Forces veterans and make strong coffee for strong people. Pandy Kaufman crashed the podcast to say happy birthday and talk about zoo life. Mike Canestaro joined the show to read a Not For Children Story, talks about hospital food and has his dad call in with a great story. Mike and Mike left the studio and Murray Valeriano called into the show. They talk about Murray writing for Steve Carell, Bill Engvall and on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, doing stand up in Los Angeles and more. Segments on the show were by Frankie MacDonald with a birthday warning, Don Smith with an Angry Dalai Lama Tweet and Mark Ofuji with birthday impressions. Thanks to Natalie, Michael Chalkley from WWPOD and Daren and Jason from the Comedy Snobs for sending in birthday messages. The show ends with a surprise that long time listeners should enjoy.


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