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Jul 11, 2018

This week Jason is joined by one of the most talked about people in We Don't Have Cookies history, Father Time. They talk about how Father Time got his name, his funniest moment on stage, a lot of information about his sex life and how things went with his last manager. Jason played him a song sent in by John the Songman which Father Time enjoyed very much and instantly asked if maybe John could take the helm of his comedy career. Then there was a reverse prank call by Eugene Mirman and a BS Fact by Beej.

Next up, John the Songman joins Jason to quickly talk about his creative process, if he's considered recording an album and then sings a song. Jason asks John if he would consider being Father Time's manager and asks him to be a guest on the 3 year anniversary episode. Jason plays part 2 of the reverse prank call by Eugene Mirman and makes a few quick announcements. 

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